The next generation of Lake Tahoe has Arrived

A Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

The once-famed Tahoe Biltmore has fallen into disrepair, creating negative environmental and economic impacts that have contributed to the erosion of the iconic Tahoe scenic corridor, diminished Lake Tahoe’s water quality, and reduced the region’s economic vitality.

Today, EKN Development presents a vision that will revitalize the Crystal Bay area. A vision that is in conformance with the existing approvals of the active TRPA permit for the site’s redevelopment while increasing community-focused amenities, decreasing the total number of hotel units, and drastically reducing the environmental impacts of the current Tahoe Biltmore.

We invite you to explore our vision and ask for your support in our effort to bring a long-awaited revitalization to Crystal Bay and the surrounding communities.


0 %
Reduction in total units compared to the TRPA approved plan.
0 %
Increase in the total coverage or building heights of the TRPA approved plan.
SQFT of roadway converted to walkable community space compared to the TRPA approved plan.
0 %
Reduction in sediment runoff into Lake Tahoe compared to the Tahoe Biltmore. Up to 30,000 LBS/YR reduced.
Reduction in vehicle travel miles compared to the Tahoe Biltmore.
0 %
Reduction in total water and energy use compared to the Tahoe Biltmore.

Sources: Environmental improvements featured in the TRPA Board Approval Press Release for Boulder Bay and the TRPA Submittal on 10.14.22.


Our vision for revitalizing the Crystal Bay area represents a fundamental shift in the role redevelopment plays in restoring Lake Tahoe, the power of human-centric architecture, and the belief that a resort cannot thrive without community support.



Currently approved to build 334 units, we intend to build only 177 units, which is a 47% decrease in units. This reduction in density allows additional space for amenities to support the level of service necessary to achieve the desired resort experience.

*Includes the 18 units in Boulder Bay phase 1 already completed.


Our vision for the resort places an increased focus on creating community spaces. With increased public access, the community is welcome to enjoy a new lakeview bar and restaurant, a poolside grill, a world-class spa, and the new GROVE…a space for community gatherings, local events, or just a lovely setting to connect with family and friends.


Our vision for retail design is all about connecting the community with the resort. We took the single-sided storefronts facing HWY 28 and modified them to be double-sided, with their primary attention focused on the GROVE, creating a village-style vibe for all to gather.


The approved project reported a 10,000-mile decrease in vehicle travel when compared to the existing Tahoe Biltmore. Our revised plan calls for a reduction of 167 units, which it’s safe to say will result in even fewer vehicle miles traveled.


The resort will offer shuttle services for all of our guests, eliminating the need for them to use their vehicles while in town to access the area’s most popular destinations, ski resorts, and beaches. Shuttle services will also be provided to our employees. We will also have onsite transit stops for the public and actively participate in local transit initiatives.


The revised plan has significantly increased services and amenities to our guests, which will promote the onsite experience and decrease the need for guests to constantly leave the property for these experiences.



The Revitalize Tahoe Biltmore project, originally named Boulder Bay, was fully approved by the TRPA in 2011. EKN Development Group purchased the project with an active permit in the fall of 2021 and conducted a detailed review of the long-awaited revitalization plan for the site. After assessing current hospitality and tourism trends, consulting with world-renowned architects, and meeting with over a thousand community members, the visionary team at EKN discovered opportunities to improve the design and programming of the resort. While maintaining the conditions of the TRPA approval, the refined plan decreases the environmental impact of the current Tahoe Biltmore while embracing the community and improving the guest experience. 


TRPA Approves Project –2011

Boulder Bay Groundbreaking – 2015

EKN Purchase – Sept. 2021

Biltmore Closes – April 30th, 2022

EKN Gains Possession – May 1, 2022

Sitework – Summer, 2022

TRPA Submittal – October 14, 2022


Demolition –Spring 2023

Sitework – May 1, 2023

Vertical Construction – May, 2024

Completion – Late 2027


Since EKN Development purchased the Tahoe Biltmore Project, it promised the community that it would be 100% transparent and informative with its plans. As a result, on October 14, 2022, EKN filed a Plan Revision (PR) to the approved Boulder Bay CEP Project (Approved Project). The Plan Revision was carefully submitted within the Approved Project components with a focus on reducing the number of units, improving amenities, and a design to fit current and future hospitality trends.

Listed below are the actual documents submitted to TRPA as well as the TRPA’s project approval press release. If at any time these documents change or additional documents become part of the submittal, we will upload them to this website immediately.

Schematic Design

landscape plan

BMP Plan

scenic quality Evaluation

Tourist Accommodation Project Application

TRPA Project Approval Press Release

IEC Plan revision

Commodity Verification Summaries And Letters

If you are interested in the required permitting process in the Tahoe Basin, please contact the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Paul Nielsen, TRPA Special Projects Manager at

With science showing us that we can reverse the decline of Lake Tahoe’s clarity by encouraging environmental redevelopment of our town centers, the cost of doing nothing is just too high for the Lake.

Joanne Marchetta | FORMER TRPA Director

Quote featured in the TRPA Board Approval Press Release for Boulder Bay.